Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas spirit is..

..staying up 'til the wee hours of every night making, listening to cheesy, occasionally sentimental christmas songs,writing and preparing cards, and wrapping gifts while anticipating waiting in long lines for hours at the post office to send them off, but not hating it.

it's giving away all the change in your pockets, wallet and car, and then more than change because there are no more quarters, but wanting to smile more because that dollar or two might provide that shaky, chattering woman who lives at the bus stop on the corner of vermont and olympic her christmas meal.

it's understanding crazy holiday shoppers and letting one or two cars cut in front of you on the highway without circumstance.

it's wanting to share all you can with everyone around you without expectations of what you might earn back.

it's being thankful and satisfied with what you have, not that you can't aim for more, but appreciation never goes unnoticed.

it's cinnamon and ginger in the air, the smell of cookies and muffins and cream cheese frosting mixed in with warmth and the comfortable, cozy feeling of being safe at home.

home is only a few hours away, and i cannot be more excited! for some reason, this christmas season has a different feel to it, and i like it!

happy holidays, my friends. make it worthwhile, hmm? [;

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a savior for all on hollywood boulevard

A shoulder length, dirty blond haired and bearded Jesus stands on a corner on Hollywood Boulevard, sipping on a grande Starbucks treat. He crosses the street and holds out a peace sign for all those ogling. He looks at peace, and the motion seems appropriate.