Thursday, May 28, 2009

world play day.

today is the 10th anniversary of world play day! what a fun day and a fabulous idea! not that we shouldn't be having fun and playing everyday, but there are those workaholic or too-serious-for-"nonsense" types who need a gentle nudge once a year to remind them to breathe and go do something fun. hence this *holiday, if you will.

go out and play some volleyball and hopscotch, or stay inside and play cards and video games [but outside is always better]! and take this time to be a good citizen of the world and donate any toys [gently used or new of course] you have around so that others might get to have some fun-time too! [click on title for more details]


Friday, May 8, 2009

80 degrees at 8 in the a.m.

That's what it felt like anyway. But that has nothing to do with my post.. just an observation.

Panera Bread. I find myself here almost every day now, all day, in an attempt to escape our oven house and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. In reality, I spend most of my time outside, in the heat, under the giant orange unbrella, sipping iced green tea, mindlessly eating my Asian Sesame Chicken Salad, sin chicken, extra cilantro, and observing all the people walking around me and eavesdropping on all sorts of conversations while everyone thinks I'm intently focused on whatever is being delivered by my earbuds. I heart being nosy, on the sly.

Being twenty-something. Why is it that inevitably, all conversations wind up orbiting around relationships? I guess it doesn't help that this is Loma Linda, where almost everyone 23 and over are either dating, engaged, or happily married, but have we really run out of other interesting things to talk about? Whatever. The point, my dear friend Sarah and I decided, is that men do not want to "man up" any longer, instead being more interested in playing games and even wanting to be pursued, courted. I thought that was a girl thing..? How much easier things could be if everyone would just put their big boy/girl pants on and say, "I lik e you!"

Summer. Beaches, itty-bitty bikinies and flowy summer dresses, volleyball, slushies/snow cones/popsicles and frozen pineapples; golden, tanned bodies (preferably the bodies of gorgeous surfers, male), maybe carnivals with ferris wheels and funnel cake, and if I were a meat-eater, hot dogs. What could be better? Sounds delish.

LSAT. The deciding factor of possibly the rest of my life. Who knew? June 8, 2009, here I come.. please don't meet me too quickly!

Peru. The end of June! I've been traveling out of the country at least once a year for the past three years, so I'm ecstatic to keep the trend going tis year. Granted, it's definitely not a vacation, but since the last three trips were, I feel good about traveling to give back a little to the world. I'm going to learn how to give shots! Scary.. Possibly the best thing since.. sliced bread? Is that too unoriginal? How about.. nah I can't think of anything clever. It lets you discover all sorts of different artists depending on the style of music you feel like at a particular moment. And it's commercial free, most of the time! It helps drown out all other sounds around you, especially annoying ones like chatty girls gossiping about boys and the never-ending, high pitched screech of the toaster inside Panera. Eeeeeeeeee..

Blogging. Something about it is irreplaceably relaxing. If only I could think of more ingenious things to say.. The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources (Anonymous). What, is there no originality left?

Dr. Seuss. Speaking of originality, I was helping Yuki out in her 1st grade classroom last night, where I got sidetracked and read some Dr. Seuss books. No matter what age I have been so far, I have always enjoyed his stories, mostly because they inspire me to be more creative and bold, and also because most of them make absolutely no sense but have good morals anyway. Oh, the thinks you can think! "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living; it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities." --Dr. Seuss