Sunday, December 7, 2008

otra vez

Just kidding.
Life goes on, we make mistakes, we correct them.

The thing about second chances is, they give you an opportunity to do everything over again, but better, and in some cases, you even get a complete do-over. Awesome.

And then if the second chance doesn't work out, then you know you've done everything you could have, so you can't possibly have any regrets. Ideally, that is.

You get to do all the things you planned, and you get another chance to cherish each moment, to store them in your memory. It reminds you how important everything is, and you don't have to regret the moments you might have missed.

That's all pretty cool if you ask me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

things i regret.

seems as though even if there was never any falling in love, heartbreak is still possible.

things planned but never executed (due to lack of timing):

. watching serendipity during christmas season
. something about a circus without clowns
. christmas
. new years's celebration
. new york
. snowboarding
. vegas
. china
. france

there were more, but i can't seem to remember.
along with other crucial things, like the last time holding hands, the last kiss, the last really sincere hug.

i guess i never thought i needed to remember when all the lasts were, not this soon anyway.